The train crosses back into Vermont (heading north) just south of Windsor and ten minutes north of Claremont.  Don't miss this view!  Traveling north across the Connecticut River again you will soon see the longest covered bridge in Vermont, the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge.  Imagine the traffic as millions of logs floated down the river for processing and production in the burgeoning cities to the south.

Windsor is another mill town that has seen better days but is taking steps towards the future.  It is known as the Birthplace of Vermont-1777, although Vermont did not actually become a state until 1791.  Here the state constitution was framed and signed.  Windsor was the state capital of Vermont until 1805 when Montpelier became the official state capital.

Windsor is probably best known for its Precision Machine and Tool industry.  In 1846, firearm manufacturers, Robbins and Lawrence, received a government contract to supply the military with weapons.  This industry grew and developed throughout New England and there are a host of weapons manufacturers that remain in this region of the country.  The American Precision Museum is located in Windsor and is open daily from Memorial Day through October.  Precision manufacturing became the hallmark in Windsor.  There are multiple exhibits of machine tools, firearms, measuring, milling and early manufacturing devices on display at the museum.  Don't miss this one if you are visiting!

The new Windsor Station is a restaurant and pub, as well as a train station.  The station is preparing to return in July 2013 as the hub of transportation and community activity in the Windsor area.  Paradise Sports, next to the station, is one way to meet your transportation needs when you disembark the train.  Rent a Bike!  You can ride the trails along the Connecticut River about 5 miles to Artisans Park where food and adventure await.  Or you can walk the downtown Windsor district, visit the Old Constitution House or one of the 70 other historic buildings in this town.  The Snapdragon Inn will take care of all your relaxation needs OR you can make the short trip to Holiday Inn Club Vacations at the base of Mt. AscutneyWindsor Windosr, the 4th stop on the Vermonter!