Randolph, VT is the 6th stop on the Vermonter line.  This town is the geographic center of Vermont.  The wide streets downtown were a provision for an early plan to locate the state capital here.  The train station here was built in the 1870s in what was then known as West Randolph.

Today, Randolph offers a lovely, walkable downtown area with shops and restaurants surrounding the train stop.  This is the ideal Vermont experience for travelers seeking relation and the small town experience.  Home to the Chandler Center for the Arts and recently voted as having the "best small music hall" in New England by Yankee Magazine, Randolph, VT is one of the sweetest spots on the Vermonter line.  Rest and rejuvenation opportunities abound.  The Three Stallion Inn and Montague Golf Club offer perfect opportunities for fun and connection.  Connect with nature—Take a hike and smell the flowers.  Connect with yourself—Get a massage and take a nap as the birds sing.  Connect with the past—Visit the historic Victorian architecture including the Second Empire Randolph Railroad Depot and Renaissance Revival Kimbal Public Library.

Riding north on the Vermonter, the train crisscrosses beneath Hwy I-89 a couple of times before cruising past some old maple sugar houses and some dairy farms.  These views can usually help rail travelers connect to the earth's abundance, as well as its unpredictability.  Our natural connection to this wonderfully flowing region was seriously threatened by Hurricane Irene in 2011 as the White River swelled out of its banks and collected most everything in its path depositing tanks and beds, chicken coops and houses along its shores for miles.  Repairs continue.  Most have been completed and rail travelers again enjoy a deep connection to the beauty of this region.