It’s been a little while since you signed a petition showing your support for passenger rail in New Hampshire. This effort has progressed significantly, and the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority (NHRTA) has now launched a website at dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of expanding passenger rail from Boston to Concord!

The website features detailed information about the NH Capitol Corridor Study, an effort to evaluate the expansion of passenger rail service along the 73 mile stretch from Concord to Boston that is traveled by some 165,000 vehicles per day, as well as information on other rail initiatives in the state.

The site enables the public to sign up and show their support for passenger rail expansion. Please join me in signing up to show your own support at each of the following locations:

Very Important: This effort will only be successful if supporters across our entire community gets behind this initiative. Feel free to share this email with supportive friends and also share the links to the Facebook pages on your own timelines. We need everyone to help spread the word.

In summary, for an annual investment of around $7m passenger rail from Boston to Manchester, NH could be reinstated. It would be projected to generate over 3,600 during the construction period (the train system itself and associated real estate development), would eventually lead to the creation of over 5,600 permanent new jobs and over 3,600 new real estate dwellings.

You will be hearing more about passenger rail in the coming weeks as The New Hampshire Department of Transportation in cooperation with NHRTA, is in the final stages of conducting an NH Capitol Corridor Study to evaluate passenger rail service and other transit alternatives like express bus service. This study will address the economic benefits and financing options for expanding rail in New Hampshire and identify a preferred route and station locations.


Mark Richardson

Bedford, NH

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